Proven Advantages of the

The C-Leg® has been clinically evaluated more than any other leg prosthesis system. The numerous advantages proven in scientifically recognised studies are conveniently summarised in a literature overview.

Since its introduction, the influence of the C-Leg® leg prosthesis system on the fitting quality for leg amputees has been examined in numerous scientific studies with a wide variety of objectives. The C-Leg® is considered the most frequently evaluated and most comprehensively documented leg prosthesis system in technical literature worldwide.

As the number of different leg prosthesis systems and corresponding advertising claims by the manufacturers continues to increase, medical and biomechanical studies as well as technical literature are gaining more and more significance. They are the only way to assure the independent, objective assessment of practical benefits, and are therefore of key importance to various interest groups in the orthopaedic sector.

For the prescribing doctor and health insurer as well as the service provider and well-informed prosthesis wearer, they are essential for a thorough evaluation of the individual benefits.

International C-Leg® studies

The following zip file contains an overview of International C-Leg® Studies. For the time being this Literature Overview is only available in German and English language.

Additional information on the C-Leg® product line is available from the Otto Bock subsidiaries around the world listed in the appendix.

Download International C-Leg® Studies Literature Overview