The New C-Leg®
Confidence in the Next Step

Confidence in the prosthesis is of the utmost importance for users. By taking the best of the
C-Leg® and making it better, we've created a device that provides the reliability and security that users need all day long, while providing options for greater customization.

Innovation that Moves

Data collected from customers and users has played an essential role in the further development of the
C-Leg®. The new functions enhance everyday freedom of movement.

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Proven Advantages of the

The C-Leg® has been clinically evaluated more than any other leg prosthesis system. The numerous advantages proven in scientifically recognised studies are conveniently summarised in a literature overview.

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New C-Soft 2.4 Software

In order to take advantage of the new C-Leg® functions, a new version of the adjustment software is required. A free update is available online.

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